Jason Marcum


Snapshot/Jason Marcum - 2004

Snapshot 2004

recorded at dreamsmyth studios Monroe GA april 2004 with Steve Marcum

Mixed at Nickel and Dime Studios with Don McCollister

Jason Marcum guitars, vocals, bass, drums

Marcus Pertrulsi-drums*

The Handing Down/Jason Marcum - 1995

The Handing Down 

1995/produced,mixed by John Hurley

Jason Marcum guitar,vocal,drum,bass

recorded in Athens GA feb 1995


Flower/Jason Marcum- 2002

Flower was released in 2002, recorded at Recording Arts Studios Nashville TN

Executive producer:Carl Tatz   Producer-Bill Vorndick  

Engineered by Jason Hall  Second Engineer Samantha Ingle

all songs by written and performed by Jason Marcum

Sketches/Jason Marcum

Sketches- Jason Marcum

all songs- Jason Marcum

saxophone- Johnathan Ripley

Mixed by Don McCollister/James Nalty/Jason Marcum